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Вулкан Кизимен. Мониторинг
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Текущее состояние: The eruption of Kizimen volcano finished. Seismic activity of the volcano decreased significantly in the end of August 2013. There were not noted hot avalanches last several months. Video data showed sometimes a very weak incandescence of the volcano summit, and satellite data showed sometimes a very weak thermal anomaly over the volcano. All this indicate that a summit extrusion has formed and continue to get cold. 
Прогноз опасности для авиации: Weak seismic activity of the volcano continues because Kizimen is active volcano, and it is located near active tectonic zone Schapinsky graben. Video data showed a strong and moderate gas-steam activity of the volcano. Aerosol and gas-steam plumes could affect low-flying aircraft. KVERT will continues to monitor this volcano. 
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