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Большая Удина Острый Толбачик

Вулкан Плоский Толбачик. Мониторинг
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Текущее состояние: Weak seismic activity of the area of Plosky Tolbachik volcano and Tolbachinsky Dol continues to registering. Volcanic tremor was not recording only from September 25 till November 19, 2013; but episodes of tremor are noting till the present time. Video data showed no incandescences at the northern area of Tolbachinsky Dol last months. Gas-steam activity of cones of Tolbachik Fissure Eruption by 50-years of IVS FED RAS (so-called S. Naboko cones) is observing sometimes. Satellite data continues to show a weak thermal anomaly over the northern area of Tolbachinsky Dol because lava flows keep heat long time. 
Прогноз опасности для авиации: Aerosol and gas-steam plumes at the northern area of Tolbachinsky Dol could affect low-flying aircraft. KVERT will continues to monitor Tolbachik volcano. 
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