Name: Berg
GVP Number: 290120
Region: Kuril Islands
Volcanic Area: Southern Kuriles
Coordinates: 46°3'12" N 150°4'6" E
Absolute Elevation: 1040 m
Status: Active
Aviation Color Code: GREEN
Location: The volcano is located in the northern part of Urup Island
Type: Stratovolcano
Composition: andesites
Last known eruption: 2005/7 - 2005/8
The Berg volcano is a stratovolcano with a wide caldera with a diameter of about 2 km at the top, in which there is a low extrusive dome with a diameter of 700 m and a height of 200 - 250 m (approximately 950 m above sea level). The flat top of the dome is covered with a powerful layer of pyroclastics, through which separate needles and ridges of the rocks protrude. In the southern part of the dome is a deep explosive crater. Another, more recent-looking crater filled with solfataras is located in the northwestern part of the dome. In the eastern part of this crater there is a deep explosive well with a diameter of about 100 m. Two small lava flows of very viscous lava descend north of the dome. One of the flows flowing from under the dome is older, a young lava flow descends from the top of the dome (Горшков, 1967).

Горшков Г.С. Вулканизм Курильской островной дуги / Отв. ред. Рудич К.Н. М.: Наука. 1967. 288 с.
Potencial Hazard
Ash clouds, ash falls, pyroclastic flows, hot avalanches and lahars are a potential hazard associated with explosive eruptions of this volcano. The volcano poses a potential hazard to international and local airlines passing in the Kuriles region, since the height of its ash emissions can reach 10-15 km above sea level, ash plumes and clouds can drift hundreds and thousands of kilometers from the volcano in different directions. In addition, the outflow of lava flows onto the slopes of the volcano and the surrounding area is possibly.
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