Name: Gamchen
GVP Number: 300210
Synonims: Sopka Khamchenskaya, Yuzhny Gamchen, Gamchensky, Gamstchen
Region: Kamchatka Peninsula
Volcanic Area: Eastern Kamchatka
Coordinates: 54°58'27" N 160°42'12" E
Absolute Elevation: 2576 m
Status: Active
Aviation Color Code: GREEN
Location: Gamchen is on the south of the Gamchen series of volcanoes closing the Eastern volcanic belt of Kamchatka on the north-east. The Gamchen volcanic group is located in a large graben-like NE-striking depression 30-35 km wide in the south and 15-20 km, in the north.
Type: Complex volcano
Composition: andesites, basalts
Last known eruption: 616±127 г. до н.э.
На вулканическом плато, образованном средне- и верхнеплейстоценовыми лавами, насажены два слившихся раннеголоценовых стратовулкана [1].

Апродов В.А. Вулканы. М.: Мысль. 1982. 367 с.
Potencial Hazard
Explosive-effusive eruptions from the summit crater, extrusive domes formation. Potential hazards are explosive-effusive eruptions which produce ash plumes, ash falls, pyroclastic and lava flows and lahars.
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