Name: Golets-Tornyi Group
GVP Number: 290091
Synonims: Rucharuyama
Region: Kuril Islands
Volcanic Area: Southern Kuriles
Coordinates: 45°14'38" N 148°20'40" E
Absolute Elevation: 442 m
Status: Extinct
Location: Iturup Island
Type: Pyroclastic cones
Composition: andesite-dacites
Last known eruption: Uncertain Holocene eruption
Pyroclastic cones of Golets and Tornyi, is SW of Medvezhi volcano at one of the narrowest parts of Iturup Island, and formed during the late Pleistocene or early Holocene. A small lava flow from the 417-m-high Tornyi cone occupies a broad glacial cirque. The 442-m-high andesitic-dacitic Golets cone, constructed above the eroded remnants of the Pleistocene Parusnaya Mountain volcano, produced lava flows that reached the coast.

Gorshkov G.S. Volcanism and the Upper Mantle: Investigations in the Kurile Island Arc. New York-London: Plenum Press. 1970. 385 p.full text
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