Volcano Tolmachev Dol. Facts
Name: Tolmachev Dol
GVP Number: 300082
Synonims: Tolmachev Valley
Region: Kamchatka Peninsula
Volcanic Zone: Southern Kamchatka
Coordinates: 52°38'45" N 157°35'19" E
Absolute Elevation: 1021 m
Status: Extinct
Location: В южной части полуострова Камчатка к северо-востоку от вулкана Опала.
Type: Cinder cones
Last known eruption: A.D. 1-1499

Tolmachev Dol is a lava plateau with absolute marks of 800-900 m, formed as a result of mass outflows of lava from numerous slag cones scattered over an area of approximately 225 km2. In the middle part of the Tolmachev Dol is the eruptive centre of the Bowl, which consists of two craters. The diameter of the main crater is about 1.2 km, there is a lake at the bottom and the depth of the crater to the lake level varies from 160 to 220 m. The lake, isometric in plan, has dimensions of 700 x 500 m. The depth of the lake is precisely unknown, approximately 270 m. The original depth of the main crater could reach 430-500 m. The smaller crater has a diameter at the top edge of ~600 m and a depth of ~80 m. Almost half of the small crater is cut off in the northeast by the main crater. The bottom of the smaller crater is now a flat plain, in the past there also seems to have been a small lake. Numerous indigenous rock outcrops have been uncovered on the sides of the main crater - lava flows, which formed the Tolmachev Dol. The cut is crowned by loose pyroclastic deposits thrown out of the Bowl crater during the eruption. The total volume of both craters is about 0.2 km3.

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