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Флеров Г.Б., Чурикова Т.Г., Гордейчик Б.Н., Ананьев В.В. Вулканический массив Зиминых сопок: геология и минералогия пород (Ключевская группа вулканов, Камчатка) // Вестник КРАУНЦ. Серия: Науки о Земле. 2019. Вып. 44. № 4. С. 19-34. doi: 10.31431/1816-5524-2019-4-44-19-34.
The Ziminy Sopki Volcanic Massif is remarkable for its co-formation from magmas of different potassium alkalinity manifested by three rocks associations (series) with individual evolutional trends: I — andesite-basalts — andesites — dacites; II — andesite-basalts — the intermediate composition andesites; III — high potassium andesite-basalts. Variations of rocks from the revealed series manifest themselves in the above mentioned mineral associations, and the discreteness of rocks regression lines evidence on quite autonomous parental magmas. Orthogonal trends of minerals composition alterations in andesite-basalts with the vector correlating with the potassium alkalinity increase in rocks of associations evidence on existence of the process leading to the enrichment of these magmas with potassium. Thus, we can conclude that, within the single penetrated magmatic system, there are deep intermediate chambers with different conditions for formation of the initial andesite-basalt magmas, which during volcanic activity directly associated with the deeper parental basaltic magma.
Хренов А.П., Маханова Т.М., Богатиков О.А., Платэ А.Н. Результаты аэрокосмических исследований вулканов Камчатки (Ключевская группа вулканов) // Вулканология и сейсмология. 2002. № 2. С. 3-20.
Long-continues field, and air- and space-borne studies of Kamchatkan volcanoes carried out within the framework of the International Russian-American project "Earth Sciences". In conjunction with the use of deep seismic sounding observations, yielded materials of remote sounding which have been mostly processed for the Klyuchevskoy volcanic cluster, this being the most active and productive in Kamchatka. For the first time ever,
a digital map of volcanoes of the Klyuchevskoy cluster to scale 1 : 100000 has been made. All cinder cones were superposed on the map in a system of coordinates with special indication of the cinder cones in the regional zone of areal volcanism and the eruptive centers of bocca eruptions on Klyuchevskoy volcano along with their petrochemical characteristics and ages. This paper also provides information on the "single primary" magma
of Klyuchevskoy Volcano.