Name: Krainy 2
GVP Number:
Region: Kamchatka Peninsula
Volcanic Area: Eastern Kamchatka
Coordinates: 53°57'9" N 159°19'55" E
Absolute Elevation: 1199 m
Edifice Volume: 20 km3
Status: Extinct
Location: In the interfluve of the Kornevaya and Pravaya Kedrovaya rivers
Type: Stratovolcano
Composition: andesite-basalts, basalts
Last known eruption: Undated
Krainy Volcano is a central-type volcanic edifice, the eastern part of which is torn off by a caldera-forming discharge. The volcano is relatively well preserved due to the powerful lava flows covering it. The edifice of the volcano is poorly eroded. This is a lava volcano, composed mainly of andesite-basalts (visible power of 100-200 m), except for the basalt flows overlapping the southeastern slope of the volcano. Volcanogenic-sedimentary deposits of the Upper Pliocene that were discovered in the lower reaches of the Pravaya Kedrovaya River serve as a pedestal. Samples of lava from the tip of the volcano show stable inverse magnetization.

Масуренков Ю.П., Брайцева О.А., Егорова И.А., Сулержицкий Л.Д., Базанова Л.И., Флоренский И.В., Несмачный И.А., Краевая Т.С., Лупикина Е.Г., Кочегура В.В., Ананьев В.В., Горицкий Ю.А., Шанцер А.Е., Цикунов А.Г., Балуев Э.Ю., Столяренко Д.А., Раков В.И. Вулканический центр: строение, динамика, вещество (Карымская структура) / Отв. ред. Масуренков Ю.П. М.: Наука. 1980. 300 с.
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