IVS FEB RAS Geoportal Data Collections

Volcanoes of Kurile-Kamchatka Island Arc Information System – VOKKIA

Data on volcanoes and submarine volcanoes in the region: descriptions of volcanoes and their eruptions, data on deposits and rocks, references, photographs etc.

Active volcanoes
Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team Information System

Information about active Kamchatka and the Kuriles volcanoes; operative (VONA), daily and weekly volcanoes activity reports etc.

Holocene volcanoes
Catalogue of Holocene Kamchatka Volcanoes

Description of Holocene volcanoes, results of volcanological and tephrachronological investigations, radiocarbon dating, and geochemical analysis.

Submarine volcanoes of Pacific
Late Cenozoic Pacific Submarine Volcanoes Database

Key information about Pacific submarine volcanoes, as well as data on magnetic properties and chemical composition of the dredged rock samples.

Submarine volcanoes of Pacific
Geophisical Investigations of Kurile-Kamchatka Island Arc Submarine Volcanoes

Results of the geophysical investigation of the magnetic fields of the Kurile Island Arc submarine volcanoes from the 1981-1991 voyagers of R/V Vulkanolog.

The 1971-1996 Earthquakes of Kamchatka Northern Group of Volcanoes Database

Data on crustal volcanic and tectonic earthquakes in one of the most active volcanic centres of the subduction zone in the Pacific mobile belt.

Hydrothermal Systems of Kamchatka

Geologic and structural characteristics of 8 of 11 high-temperature hydrothermal systems in Kamchatka: general information, data on geological structure of geothermal zones.

Data from IVS FEB RAS Meteorological Station

Current online meteorological data, forecasts, archives since January 2011.

Catastrophic events catalogue NaSCA

Information and computing system for management of catalogue of natural disasters and catastrophic social phenomena and tools for its statistical analysis.

IVS FEB RAS Repository

This is an archive of scientific publications. The subject areas are the following Earth Sciences: geology, geophysics, geochemistry, volcanology, seismology.

IVS FEB RAS Media Archive

Архив фотографий, видеофильмов и других медиаматериалов, в том числе о режимных наблюдениях и облетах активных вулканов.