The authors

I.M. Romanova - the leading programmer of the Data-Processing Computer Center in IVS FEB RAS (the idea of the project, the information system (IS) development, web-design and administering, data input);
O.A. Girina - the doctor of science in geology and mineralogy, the leading research assistant of the Laboratory of Active Volcanism and Eruptions Dynamics in IVS FEB RAS (the IS structure development, the IS content: the selection and input of data);
A.P. Maximov - the doctor of science in geology and mineralogy, the research assistant of the Laboratory of Petrology and Geochemistry in IVS FEB RAS (the IS structure development, the IS content: the selection and input of data);
I.V. Melekestsev - the head of the Laboratory of Dynamic Volcanology (discussion of the IS structure, research advisory services).


The authors would like to express their gratitude to all Kamchatkan volcanologists and our colleagues from other research institutes, whose long-term scientific data helped to create this system.
We acknowledge the work of S.E. Vasiliev, the employee of IVS FEB RAS, S.O. Borovkov, T.A. Kurochkina, O.A. Zobenko, D.O. Ostapenko, the students of Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University, D.A. Karpenyuk, the student of Kamchatka Technical State University, who helped to input the data into the VOKKIA system.
We also wish to thank our colleagues from IVS FEB RAS Data-Processing Computer Centre T.V. Leonova, N.P. Egorova and the librarians N.K. Gavrilova, M.V. Maznabieva and N.V. Borisenko, for their major effort in developing library system IRBIS and arranging the thematic card-indexes, used for selection of the literary source on volcanoes and eruptions.
The photos for the VOKKIA system are courtesy of Yu.V. Demyanchuk, A.V Sokorenko, N.P. Smelov, D.V. Melnikov, T.A. Kotenko, L.V. Kotenko, M.G. Belousova and other employees of IVS FEB RAS and amateur photographers ( et al.)

Collaboration Invitation

The authoring team invites research volcanologists to participate in discussion of the IS content, the data selection and input. Should you have any comments and suggestions concerning the IS content or you would like to participate in our project, please contact the IS authors.


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O.A. Girina:
A.P. Maximov:
I.V. Melekestsev:
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