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Дегтерев А.В., Рыбин А.В., Разжигаева Н.Г. Исторические извержения вулкана Пик Сарычева (о. Матуа, Курильские острова) // Вестник КРАУНЦ. Серия: Науки о Земле. 2011. Вып. 17. № 1. С. 102-119.
The article provides data on historical events of the Kurile island arc’s most active Peak Sarychev Volcano, Matua Island, the Central Kuriles. During the study period the volcano was producing short terminal eruptions of explosive and explosive-effusive types discharging volcanites chiefly with pyroclastic flows and related formations.
Дегтерев А.В., Чибисова М.В., Романюк Ф.А. Эффузивно-эксплозивное извержение вулкана Алаид в 2022 г. (о. Атласова, Северные Курильские острова) // Вестник КРАУНЦ. Серия: Науки о Земле. 2023. Вып. 2. № 58. С. 17-28. 12 с. doi: 10.31431/1816-5524-2023-2-58-17-28.
Data are presented on a moderate effusive-explosive eruption of the summit crater of Alaid volcano (Atlasov Island, Northern Kuril Islands) observed from September 10 to December 1, 2022. Based on satellite and visual data, it was found that as a result of Strombolian-Volcan activity two lava flows, 2.6 and 1 km long, were poured out on the southern slope of the volcano, and at least 16 emissions occurred to a height of 2.5 to 6 km a.s.l. The ash plumes spread out mainly in the southeast and east-southeast directions, their maximum length reaching 300–500 km. The eruption posed a danger to local airlines. The lava outpouring provoked the formation of lahars that descended the southern slope of the volcano and reached the island coast. The alluvial fan formed from mudflow masses partially deposited beyound the coastline, causing an increase in the island land.
Дегтярев А.В., Рыбин А.В., Мелекесцев И.В., Разжигаева Н.Г. Основные этапы эруптивной истории вулкана Пик Сарычева, о. Матуа, Курильские острова // Вулканизм и геодинамика. Материалы V Всероссийского симпозиума по вулканологии и палеовулканологии, г. Екатеринбург, 21-25 ноября 2011 г. Екатеринбург: ИГГ УрО РАН. 2011. С. 415-417.
Действующие вулканы Камчатки. В 2-х т. Т. 1 / Отв. ред. Федотов С.А., Масуренков Ю.П. М.: Наука. 1991. 302 с.
The book provides a systematic description of active volcanoes of Kamchatka — one of the most active volcanic regions of the world. Distribution, shape and activity of the volcanoes, their position in complex and long-lived volcanic centres, as well as their geologic structure and composition are presented.
The book is illustrated with colour maps, schemes, and sketches. Over 300 colour photographs show volcanic landscapes, diverse volcanic forms (cones, craters, lava flows, calderas, etc.) and various manifestations of post-volcanic activity (hydrotherms, famous Kamchatka geysers).
Concise, lavishly illustrated with colourful and high-quality photographs, the book makes an interesting and useful reading not only for specialists (volcanologists, geologists, geochemists, geophysicists, geographes, etc.) but for a bioad readership as well. The publication is unique and unparalleled in scientific literature. The text is presented in Russian and in English.
This monography is written by scientists from the Institute of volcanology, Far East Division, the Academy of Science of the USSR.
Действующие вулканы Камчатки. В 2-х т. Т. 2 / Отв. ред. Федотов С.А., Масуренков Ю.П. М.: Наука. 1991. 415 с.
The Eastern and Southern zones of Kamchatka arc presented in the second volume. They are characterized by a weaker activity, and their volcanoes arc not as large and powerful as those of the Northern Group. But volcanic manifestations here are more diverse. Half of the volcanoes are connected with collapse calderas. Huge hydrothermal systems are here too. Among them, the famous Valley of Geisers is one of the most picturesque places on Earth.
The book is abounded with colour photographs, maps, schemes, and sketches. They enable the reader to catch uniqueness of these colourful sights and will be of interest not only for specialists in volcanology and geology, but also to a great number of nature lovers.
Делемень И.Ф., Уткин И.С., Уткина Л.И., Мельников Д.В., Жданова О.К. Анализ образующей вулканического конуса для выявления ослабленных секторов постройки (на примере Корякского вулкана, Камчатка) // Вестник КРАУНЦ. Серия: Науки о Земле. 2004. № 4. С. 90-108.
Денисов Д.К., Нуждаев И.А., Феофилактов С.О. Изучение геологического строения Паужетского и Нижне-Кошелевского геотермальных месторождений методом ВЭЗ (Южная Камчатка) // Исследования в области наук о Земле. Материалы XI региональной молодежной научной конференции. Петропавловск-Камчатский, 26 ноября 2013 г. Петропавловск-Камчатский: ИВиС ДВО РАН. 2013. С. 77-96.
The results of electrical exploration works in the area of Pauzhetsky and Nizhne-Koshelevsky geothermal deposits are presented. In 2012 y. works by VES method were carried out on the profile, crossing structures of Pauzhetsky deposit which were defined earlier. Sounding was made in 35 spots. In 2013 electrical exploratory works by VES method were carried out in the area of Nizhne-Koshelevsky geothermal deposit. Souding was made in 17 spots. Preliminary data of apparent resistance allocation to depth were drawn by results of the works. The areas permeable for hydrothermal liquors or gas-vapor heat-transfer were defined.
Дзоценидзе Г.С. О субвулканической фации мелового вулканизма Грузии / Вулканизм и геохимия его продуктов. Труды Института вулканологии СО АН СССР. М.: Наука. 1967. Вып. 24. С. 168-173.
Дианова Т.В. Примеры древних туфолав в вулканогенных толщах Среднего Урала // Труды Лаборатории вулканологии АН СССР. 1961. Вып. 20. С. 165-168.
Диденко А.Н., Рашидов В.А., Марков Г.П., Трусенко М.С., Петрова В.В., Аникин Л.П. Петромагнитная и геохимическая характеристики вулканитов извержения 2015–2016 гг. вулкана Алаид, Курильская островная дуга // Вулканология и сейсмология. 2021. № 1. С. 3-21. 19 с. doi:10.31857/S0203030621010028.