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Брайцева О.А., Егорова И.А., Сулержицкий Л.Д. Вулкан Карымский / Вулканический центр: строение, динамика, вещество (Карымская структура). М.: Наука. 1980. С. 243-254.
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Брайцева О.А., Кирьянов В.Ю. О прошлой активности вулкана Безымянный по данным тефрохронологических исследований // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1982. № 6. С. 44-56.
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Брайцева О.А., Краевая Т.С., Лупикина Е.Г. О возрасте молодых пемзовых отложений района Курильского озера на Южной Камчатке / Стратиграфия вулканогенных формаций Камчатки. Труды (Институт вулканологии (Академия наук СССР)). М.: Наука. // Стратиграфия вулканогенных формаций Камчатки. 1966. Т. 23. С. 105-111.
Брайцева О.А., Литасова С.Н., Сулержицкий Л.Д., Егорова И.А., Гребзды Э.И. Радиоуглеродное датирование и палинологическое изучение почвенно-пирокластического чехла подножий вулканов Карымский и Малый Семячик // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1989. № 1. С. 19-35.    Annotation
per presents radiocarbon data obtained at the Institute of Volcanology and Institute of Geology, USSR Academy of Sciences , from 77 samples of carbon, wood, and burried soil taken during tephrochronological investigations of soil-pyroclastic covers at the foot of Karymskii and Malyi Semyachek Volcanoes. The authors show the tables of radiocarbon data indicating the main events of the volcanoes as well as the sections showing the position of the dated samples. The accuracy of the radiocarbon dating is discussed. The diagram of soil-pyroclastic cover at the foot of Malyi Semyachek is considered to be as standard for East Kamchatka volcanic zone. Palyno-logical complexes are distinguished; they are dated and adjusted to perioda according to Blitt-Sernander scale.
Брайцева О.А., Мелекесцев И.В. Возраст современного рельефа Камчатки // Вопросы географии Камчатки. 1966. № 4. С. 50-55.
Брайцева О.А., Мелекесцев И.В. Вулкан Карымский: история формирования, динамика активности и долгосрочный прогноз // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1989. № 2. С. 14-31.    Annotation
This study describes the history of formation of Karymskii Volcano from the moment of its emergence. The age of volcano and the caldera where it is located was determined as 6100 (5300 14C) years and 7700 14C years, respectively. Dynamics of the volcano's activity was reconstructed according to absolute chronological scale. Duration of the periods of higher volcanic activity and repose was determined. Large eruptions were dated. Fluctuations in intensity of evacuation of material along with variations in composition of volcanic products were estimated. It has been shown that recent increase in activity started 500 years ago. Analysis of reconstructed dynamics of activity indicated that it would continue not less than 200 years. The character of eruptions is supposed to be close to the recent one.

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