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Гущенко И.И. Извержения вулканов мира. Каталог / Отв. ред. Рудич К.Н. М.: Наука. 1979. 476 с.
Иванов Б.В., Чирков А.М., Дубик Ю.М., Хренов А.П., Двигало В.Н., Разина А.А., Степанов В.В., Чубарова О.С. Состояние действующих вулканов Камчатки и Курильских островов в 1982 г. // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1984. № 4. С. 104-110.
Мелекесцев И.В. Типы и возраст действующих вулканов Курило-Камчатской зоны // Бюллетень вулканологических станций. 1973. № 49. С. 17-23.
Мельников Д.В., Жижин М.Н., Трифонов Г.М., Пойда А.А. Динамика извержения вулкана Сноу (о. Чирпой, Курильские острова) в 2012–2017 гг.: результаты применения алгоритма VIIRS Nightfire // Современные проблемы дистанционного зондирования Земли из космоса. 2018. Т. 15. № 3. С. 69-79. doi: 10.21046/2070-7401-2018-15-3-69-79.
Here we present the results of the successful application of VIIRS satellite data for monitoring and reconstruction of the eruption history of Snow volcano (Chirpoi Island, Kuriles) in 2012–2017. We used Nightfire algorithm to accomplish our tasks. This algorithm differs significantly from the other similar systems due to simultaneous usage of numerous diapasons of the infrared spectra (from near to long ranges) together with the data of the visible spectra, while most of the other algorithms (for example, MODVOLC and MIROVA) use one or two diapasons from the middle or long parts of the infrared spectra. Our research shows that the maximal thermal radiation power (MW) was observed from November 2012 to January 2013. During this period, first and most voluminous portion of lava flow was produced. There are four more well-distinguished periods of this eruption: September – October 2013; March – June 2014; August – November 2014; April – June 2015. All of them correspond to the impulses of the fresh lava eruptions, although the thickness of these lava flows is smaller compared to the first period.
Новейший и современный вулканизм на территории России / Отв. ред. Лаверов Н.П. М.: Наука. 2005. 604 с.
The actual collective monograph presents the results of both theoretical and experimental studies of the multi-disciplinary problem on volcanic hazard assessment and development of techniques for prediction of catastophic eruptions. The volcanism of Kamchatka and other regions of Russia has been analyzed. On the basis of geological, volcanological and tephrachronological studies including radiocarbon dating, there have been defined certain groups of volcanoes on different stages of evolution. At the same time the problem of determination of the internal structure of volcanic dome using modem theoretical methods and technologies is well investigated. The new techniques of estimation of volcanic hazard were developed. Whenever ti is required, theoretical approaches are confirmed by results of in-field observations.

The book will satisfy the needs of Earth sciences specialists from a variety of backgrounds, volcanology, geo-mechanics, ecology, industrial constuction applications and hazard assessment.
Рыбин А.В., Дегтерев А.В., Чибисова М.В., Гурьянов В.Б., Коротеев И.Г. Вулканическая активность на Курильских островах в 2012-2015 гг. // Вестник КРАУНЦ. Серия: Науки о Земле. 2016. Вып. 30. № 2. С. 77-87.
The paper presents data that describe the Kuril Island Arc volcanic activity over the 2012-2015 period collected using satellite monitoring and visual observations, as well as the results of field studies at the active volcanoes. The authors analyzed eruptions of Ivan Grozny, Kudryavy (Iturup Island), Snow (Chirpoi Island), Chirinkotan (Chirinkotan Island), Sinarka (Shiashkotan Island), Chikurachki (Paramushir Island), and Alaid (Atlasov Island) volcanoes.
Рыбин А.В., Чибисова М.В., Дегтерев А.В. Активность вулканов Курильских островов в 2016 г. // Вестник КРАУНЦ. Серия: Науки о Земле. 2017. Вып. 33. № 1. С. 83-88.
The paper presents data describing volcanic activity in the Kuril Islands in 2016. The eruptions of Alaid (Atlasova Island), Ebeko, Chikurachki ( Paramushir Island), Chirinkotan (Chirinkotan Island) and Snow (Chirpoi Island) volcanoes are considered.
Рыбин А.В., Чибисова М.В., Дегтерев А.В., Гурьянов В.Б. Вулканическая активность на Курильских островах в XXI веке // Вестник ДВО РАН. 2017. № 1. С. 51-61.
Data showing the activity of the volcanoes in the Kurilе Island Arc in the XXI century are given. The volcanic eruptions at the volcanoes Chikurachki, Chirinkotan, Ebeko, Sarychev Peak, Ekarma, Ivan Grozny, Alaid and Snow were considered. Increase of steam-gas activity was observed at the volcanoes Sinarka (Shiashkotan Isl.), Berg (Urup Isl.), Severgin Peak (Kharimkotan Isl.) and Kudryavy (Iturup Isl.). It is shown that the brief (from a few hours to several days) explosive eruptions of weak and moderate intensity (VEI = 0–3) prevailed. The most active were volcanoes Chikurachki (8 events) and Ebeko (4 events) (Paramushir Isl.). The strongest eruption during the reporting period was explosiveeffusive eruption of Sarychev Peak volcano in 2009; the longest were effusive eruptions of Snow Volcano (Chirpoi Isl.) in 2012–2016. The total volume of erupted material for the years 2000–2016 does not exceed 0.3–0.4 km3.
Типизация проявлений вулканизма и факторов его воздействия на природную среду в различных геодинамических обстановках (в части вулканической деятельности в обстановках конвергентных границ литосферных плит). Научно-технический отчет по этапу №1 НИР «Исследование вулканических процессов и возможности их регулирования» (промежуточный). 2008. 116 с.
Яффе Г.А. Усиление деятельности вулканов Палласа и Сноу / Зап. Приморского филиала Геогр. об-ва СССР.. 1965. Т. 24.