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Zubov A.G., Ananyev V.V. Testing of the Titanomagnetite Method to Detect Magmatic Chamber Depth at Avachinsky Stratovolcano and Tolbachik Fissure Eruption // 10th International Conference “PROBLEMS OF GEOCOSMOS”. Book of Abstracts. St. Petersburg, Petrodvorets, October 6-10, 2014. St. Peterburg: Физфак СПбГУ. 2014. P. 81
Two volcanoes were tested using the titanomagnetite method in order to detect the magma chamber depth. Curie temperature of andesite tephra shows that the magmatic chamber was situated on the depth of 18±7 km under Avachinsky Volcano ~5 Ka ago, but one of the basalt-andesite tephra from Avachinsky results the chamber depth of 32±6 km ~3 Ka ago. This method applied to the lava from Tolbachik Fissure Eruption (TFE) shows a chamber depth of 47±5 km. This result is inconsistent slightly with the depth of 35±6 km obtained by our microzond analysing of element composition of titanomagnetite grains into lava sample from earlier phase of the same eruption. This two different results between TFE lava samples may occur from magma differentiation or this is a methodical or occasional error. To know true it needs a sample statistics. At present, more microzond data from Tolbachik Fissure Eruption are being analyzed.
Zubov A.G., Kirianov V.Yu., Hughes S.R., Kurbatov A. To use of thermomagnetic parameters to identify tephra // AGU Meeting-99. Abstracts., 1999 г. 1999.
О возможности использования термомагнитных параметров для идентификации вулканических пеплов
Абдурахманов А.И., Злобин Т.К., Мархинин Е.К., Тараканов Р.З. Извержение вулкана Иван Грозный в 1989 г. // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1990. № 4. С. 3-9.
Recent activity of the volcano is associated with its multiaction central effusion dome. The N—N—E top of this dome has a crater of the specific shape with a radial fissure 250—270 m long and 15—70 m wide. Small phreatic eruptions were noted in 1951, 1968, 1970, and 1973. The eruption of 1989 started on May 3. Explosions produced ash-gas cloud which rose to a height of 1,5 km on May 8. The very first explosions were followed by formation of a new fissure on the northern flank of the volcano, its length being about 70 m. The eruption was preceded by earthquakes which occurred beneath the volcano and were oriented across the strike of the Kuril Island arc. These earthquakes can be subdivided into two groups with focal depths close to 30 km and 60— 80 km. The layer between the depths from 30 to 55—60 km seems to be aseismic indicating that in the depth range of 30—60 km beneath the volcano a magma chamber can be present. It is suggested that current intensified activity of the volcano has been caused by tectonic movements associated with transverse faulting. A sort-term forecast of the volcano activity is presented.
Абдурахманов А.И., Разжигаева Н.Г., Рыбин А.В. Современная вулканическая и сейсмическая активность вулкана Менделеева (о. Кунашир, Курильские острова) // Вестник Сахалинского музея. 2003. Вып. 10. № 1. С. 277-283.
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Авдейко Г.П., Гавриленко Г.М., Черткова Л.В. "Вулканолог" исследует подводный факел (О геологических изысканиях научно-исследовательского судна в Тихом океане) // Природа. 1986. № 7. С. 80-87.
Авдейко Г.П., Гавриленко Г.М., Черткова Л.В., Бондаренко В.И., Гусева В.И., Рашидов В.А., Сазонов А.П. Проявление подводной газогидротермальной активности Курильской островной дуги // Геология океанов и морей. 1984. Т. 3. С. 158-159.
Авдейко Г.П., Гавриленко Г.М., Черткова Л.В., Бондаренко В.И., Рашидов В.А., Гусева В.И., Мальцева В.И., Сазонов А.П. Подводная газогидротермальная активность на северо-западном склоне о. Парамушир (Курильские острова) // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1984. № 6. С. 66-81.