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The actual collective monograph presents the results of both theoretical and experimental studies of the multi-disciplinary problem on volcanic hazard assessment and development of techniques for prediction of catastophic eruptions. The volcanism of Kamchatka and other regions of Russia has been analyzed. On the basis of geological, volcanological and tephrachronological studies including radiocarbon dating, there have been defined certain groups of volcanoes on different stages of evolution. At the same time the problem of determination of the internal structure of volcanic dome using modem theoretical methods and technologies is well investigated. The new techniques of estimation of volcanic hazard were developed. Whenever ti is required, theoretical approaches are confirmed by results of in-field observations.

The book will satisfy the needs of Earth sciences specialists from a variety of backgrounds, volcanology, geo-mechanics, ecology, industrial constuction applications and hazard assessment.
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At the beginning of the XXI century, increased eruptive activity of the largest volcanoes of the Northern group of Kamchatka is observed: Sheveluch, Klyuchevskoy, Bezymianny and Tolbachinskay fissure zone. The features of growth of andesitic Sheveluch volcano extrusive dome are noted: the height of the dome has reached 600 m during 38 years of almost continuous eruptive activity. After an eight-year period of relative rest, nine terminal eruptions and two lateral breakthroughs of the Klyuchevskoy basalt volcano occurred. Explosive-effusive eruptions of the andesitic Bezymianny volcano were observed almost annually. After 36 years of rest, a new eruption occurred in the Tolbachinsky regional fissure zone.
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