Volcano Antsiferov. Facts
Name: Antsiferov
GVP Number: 290331
Synonims: Shirinki
Region: Kuril Islands
Volcanic Zone: Northern Kuriles
Coordinates: 50°12'0" N 154°58'31" E
Absolute Elevation: 761 m
Edifice Volume: 140 km3
Status: Active
Aviation Color Code: GREEN
Location: 15 km west of Peak Fuss (Paramushir Island)
Type: Stratovolcano
Composition: hornblend andesites, augitic andesites, andesite-basalts
Last known eruption: 00000 - 0000
The truncated andesitic cone is of Holocene age and rises to a height of 761 m. The walls of the 750-m-wide breached summit crater extend to the southern coast. Two lava domes were constructed near the headwall of the breached crater. No historical eruptions are known from Shirinki, but the summit domes are very young and possibly formed in historical time [Gorshkov, 1970].

Gorshkov G.S. Volcanism and the Upper Mantle: Investigations in the Kurile Island Arc. New York-London: Plenum Press. 1970. 385 p.full text
Potencial Hazard
Ash clouds, ash falls, pyroclastic flows, hot avalanches and lahars are a potential hazard associated with explosive eruptions of this volcano. The volcano poses a potential hazard to international and local airlines passing in the Kuriles region, since the height of its ash emissions can reach 10-15 km above sea level, ash plumes and clouds can drift hundreds and thousands of kilometers from the volcano in different directions.
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