Volcano Kinenin. Facts
Name: Kinenin
GVP Number: 300551
Region: Kamchatka Peninsula
Volcanic Zone: Sredinny Range
Coordinates: 57°20'54" N 160°58'10" E
Absolute Elevation: 583 m
Status: Extinct
Location: At the far eastern flanks of the Sredinny Range in the Elovka River basin
Type: Maar
Last known eruption: A.D. 1-1499
Kinenin maar was named by Maria Pevzner (2006) by the Kinenin River (a tributary of the Elovka River). The maar is filled with a lake ~1 km across. Based on tephrochronological data and radiocarbon dates, Kinenin maar was formed by a phreato-magmatic eruption ~1.1 ka BP (Pevzner, 2006). The crater wall is composed mostly of desintegrated host rocks with some admixture of fresh mafic bombs at the top of the sequence. The tephra of this eruption was spread to ENE and can be traced as far as the Pacific coast, >100 km from the source. The volume of the erupted material is estimated at ~0.5 km3.

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