Volcano Opala. Facts
Name: Opala
GVP Number: 300080
Synonims: Opalskaya, Apalskaya, Apachinskaya
Region: Kamchatka Peninsula
Volcanic Zone: Southern Kamchatka
Coordinates: 52°32'34" N 157°20'19" E
Absolute Elevation: 2475 m
Status: Active
Aviation Color Code: GREEN
Location: The volcano is located in the northern part of the Southern Kamchatka volcanic zone 70 km from the western coast of Kamchatka and 110 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Type: Stratovolcano
Composition: basalts, andesite-basalts, andesites
Last known eruption: 1912 (X)

The stratovolcano Opala with an edifice base diameter of 11 km is located in the northern part of a 15x15 km caldera formed on top of an ancient shield-like structure. Opala crater is filled with lava, lava flows are well expressed on the southeastern slope in the near-top part of the volcano. At the southeastern foot of the volcano there is the newest explosive funnel 2x2.5 km in size - the Barany Amphitheater. The funnel is filled with an extrusive dome of rhyolite composition 1 km in diameter.

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Potencial Hazard
Potential hazards are therminal explosive-effusive eruptions which produce ash plumes, ash falls, pyroclastic and lava flows and lahars. Principal hazards of the volcano eruptions are ash plumes, ash falls, pyroclastic flows, and lahars. Ash falls possible at: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yelizovo, Paratunka.
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