Volcano Sinarka. Facts
Name: Sinarka
GVP Number: 290290
Synonims: Kuro
Region: Kuril Islands
Volcanic Zone: Northern Kuriles
Coordinates: 48°52'21" N 154°10'54" E
Absolute Elevation: 934 m
Status: Active
Aviation Color Code: GREEN
Location: Sinarka volcano is located in the northern part of Shiashkotan Island
Type: Stratovolcano
Composition: two-pyroxene andesites
Last known eruption: 2014/12/3
The central cone of the postglacial Sinarka volcano completely covers the ancient caldera and fills the adjacent valleys and troughs. The northwest slope of the cone is destroyed (by explosion or landslides), and a short and wide tongue of the lava flow descends along the pothole. A steep dark extrusive dome emerges from the crater, the agglomerate mantle of which almost completely covers the crest ridge and descends in many places along the slopes of the cone. The top of the dome is flat and covered with a chaotic pile of rocks.
1.5 km southwest of the Sinarka dome there is a second extrusive dome - Mount Zheltokamennaya, 898 m high, with a well-preserved shape. 1 km north of Sinarka there is a heavily destroyed formation surrounded by a powerful field of altered rocks. Apparently, this is another heavily destroyed dome. All three domes are timed
to the edges of the alleged large crater. The young cone and both domes are composed of two-pyroxene andesites with close composition.

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Potencial Hazard
Ash clouds, ash falls, pyroclastic flows, hot avalanches and lahars are a potential hazard associated with explosive eruptions of this volcano. The volcano poses a potential hazard to international and local airlines passing in the Kuriles region, since the height of its ash emissions can reach 10-15 km above sea level, ash plumes and clouds can drift hundreds of kilometers from the volcano in different directions. In addition, the outflow of lava flows onto the slopes of the volcano and the surrounding area is possibly.
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