Volcano Taunshits. Facts
Name: Taunshits
GVP Number: 300160
Region: Kamchatka Peninsula
Volcanic Zone: Eastern Kamchatka
Coordinates: 54°31'41" N 159°48'15" E
Absolute Elevation: 2353 m
Status: Active
Aviation Color Code: GREEN
Location: Volcano is located on the Eastern coast, 7 km northwest from Uzon caldera, 25 km southwest from Kronotskoe Lake, 180 km northeast from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Type: Stratovolcano
Composition: andesites
Last known eruption: 560±127 г. до н.э.

The stratovolcano Taunshitz is essentially lava with a base diameter of 12 km and has the form of a truncated cone of irregular shape. An explosive circus is located on its western slope, and a large extrusion is located on its southern slope. In the early Holocene, an eruption of directed blast type occurred, destroying the western part of the volcano's edifice. An extrusive dome with a crater 50-75 m in size and 30 m deep grew in the explosive circus; a blocky lava flow poured out of the dome.

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Potencial Hazard
Moderate potential hazards could cause by ash plumes, ash falls, pyroclastic flows, hot avalanches and lahars. The volcano can constitute a potential hazard to international and local airlines at Kamchatka.
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