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Мелекесцев И.В., Брайцева О.А., Двигало В.Н., Базанова Л.И. Исторические извержения Авачинского вулкана на Камчатке (попытка современной интерпретации и классификации для долгосрочного прогноза типа и параметров будущих извержений). Ч. II (1926-1991 гг.) // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1994. № 2. С. 3-23.
We have summed up and supplemented new data on the eruptions of 1926-1927, 1938 and 1945 plus added the description of the last eruption of the volcano in January 1991. Considering the dynamics of the eruptive activity of the Avachinsky volcano in 1737-1991 we have presented a classification for these eruptions. Also we made a forecast of the type and parameters of possible future eruption as well as estimated the volcanic hazard associated with it. Because of high degree of volcanic hazard in the SW and S sectors of the base of the volcano it is proposed to prohibit constructions of any kind in these areas.
Осипенко А.Б., Егоров Ю.О., Фазлуллин С.М., Гавриленко Г.М., Шулькин В.И., Черткова Л.В. Современная подводная гидротермальная деятельность в зоне Таупо-Роторуа (залив Пленти, Новая Зеландия) // Литология и полезные ископаемые. 1994. № 1. С. 29-40.
Сазонов А.П., Гавриленко Г.М. Литолого-геохимические исследования в бухте Кратерной (Вулкан Ушишир, Курильские острова) // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1994. № 4/5. С. 48-60.
Федотов С.А., Михайлова-Филиппова М.И. Течение магм в дайках разной мощности (по данным математического моделирования при вязкости, зависящей от температуры) // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1994. № 6. С. 24-43.
The results of mathematical modeling are given foi magma ascent in a fissure or dike for the case of temperature-dependent viscosity. Th( parameters chosen for calculations are as follows: the dike widths in the range 0.5-4.0 m, the magma viscosity 23-9.6 ± 106 Pa s (230-108 Poises), the depth to the magma chambei 30 km, and the temperature and pressure excess in the magma chamber 1300° С and 200 bars respectively. The distribution of one-phase flow velocities, temperature and viscosity of magmi inside dikes, the magma freezing on the dike walls and in its head, and the conditions undei which the magma ceases to move in dikes of different widths are investigated. It is shown tha the central faster streams of magma in dikes can reach the earth's surface, preserving thi temperature of a deep chamber (with the deduction of slight adiabatic cooling).
Braitseva O.A., Sulerzhitsky L.D., Litasova S.N., Melekestsev I.V., Ponomareva V.V. Radiocarbon dating and tephrochronology in Kamchatka // Radiocarbon. 1993. Vol. 35. № 3. P. 463-476.
We discuss results of 14C dates obtained from areas of young volcanoes in Kamchatka. We apply these dates to reconstructing regional volcanic activity during the Holocene.
Bursik M., Melekestsev I.V., Braitseva O.A. Most recent fall deposits of Ksudach Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia // Geophysical Research Letters. 1993. Vol. 20. № 17. P. 1815-1818. doi: 10.1029/93GL01269.
Three of four Plinian eruptions from Ksudach Volcano are among the four largest explosive eruptions in southern Kamchatka during the past 2000 years. The earliest of the eruptions was voluminous and was accompanied by an ignimbrite and the fifth and most recent caldera collapse event at Ksudach. The isopach pattern is consistent with a column height of 23 km. The three more recent and smaller eruptions were from the Shtyubel' Cone, within the fifth caldera. Using isopach and grain size isopleth patterns, column heights ranged from ≥ 10 to 22 km. Although the oldest eruption may have produced a large acidity peak in the Greenland ice, the three Shtyubel' events may not be related to major acid deposition. Thus it is possible that few if any of the uncorrelated acidity peaks of the past 2000 years in Greenland ice cores result from eruptions in southern Kamchatka.
Egorova I.A. Age and Paleogeography of Formation of Volcano-Sedimentary Deposits in the Uzon-Geizernaya Caldera Depression, Kamchatka (According to Palynological Data) // Volcanology and Seismology. 1993. Vol. 15. № 2. P. 157-176.
Based on thepalynological studies, the age dismembering is made of volcanogenic-sedimentary deposits in the Uzon-Geysernaya Caldera Depression. The paleogeographical setting of the time of sedimentation is described. The age of deposits was established to be Late Pleitocene-Holocene. The dating was made of the main events of the post-caldera volcanic activity in the Uzon Caldera.
Girina O.A., Bogoyavlenskaya G.E., Demyanchuk Yu.V. Bezymianny eruption of August 02, 1989 // Volcanology and Seismology. 1993. Vol. 15. № 2. P. 135-144.
Kirianov V.Yu. Assessment of Kamchatkan Ash Hazard to Airlines // Volcanology and Seismology. 1993. Vol. 14. № 3. P. 246-269.
Zharinov N.A., Gorelchik V.I., Zhdanova E.Yu., Andreev V.N., Belousov A.B., Belousova M.G., Gavrilenko V.A., Garbuzova V.T., Demyanchuk Yu.V., Khanzutin V.P. The Eruptions of the Northern Group of Volcanoes on Kamchatka in 1988-1989: Seismological and Geodesic Data // Volcanology and Seismology. 1993. Vol. 13. Vol. 6. P. 649-681.