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Fedotov S.A., Markhinin E.K. The Great Tolbachik Fissure Eruption: Geological and Geophysical Data 1975–1976. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1983. 354 p.
In 1975–1976 a remarkable volcanic eruption took place on the Kamchtka peninsula, part of the Soviet Union's arc of active volcanoes. Dr Fedotov and his colleagues studied the largest basaltic eruption in history, one of the most important volcanic events in the twentieth century. During this prolonged eruption they carried out extensive seismological, geophysical, geodetic and geochemical investigations. The results of this detailed and thorough investigation were collected as a series of papers under the editorship of S. A. Fedotov and collected into this volume, which was originally published by Cambridge in 1983. The result is a classic descriptive work of a major volcanic eruption.
Ivanov B.V., Kadik A.A., Maksimov A.P. Conditions of the crystallization of andesites from the Klyuchevskaya volcanic group (Kamchatka) Arc volcanism (abstr.).. // Arc Volcanism: Physics and Tectonics. Proceedings of a 1981 IAVCEI Symposium, Arc Volcanism, August-September, 1981, Tokyo and Hakone. Tokyo: Terra Scientific Pub. Co.. 1983.
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Балуев Э.Ю., Базанова Л.И., Ананьев В.В. Смешение магм по данным изучения вкрапленников плагиоклаза в эффузивных породах Карымского вулканического центра Камчатки // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1983. № 4. С. 41-52.
Бибикова Е.В., Кирнозова Т.И., Максимов А.П., Макаров В.А. Исследование изотопного состава свинца андезитов вулкана Безымянного (Камчатка) // Геохимия. 1983. № 2. С. 163-171.
The results of determination of lead isotope composition in 5 samples of andesites of the Bezymyanny volcano, belonging to the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes, are given. Most of the andesites are identical in lead isotopy to basalts of this area and to tholeiites of the ocean ridges. Rocks of the upper mantle or their derivatives could be the source of andesite magmas of volcanoes belonging to the Klyuchevskaya group. At some ca¬ses contamination of andesite magma by the material of upper parts of the crust could occur but it did not play a significant role in the andesite genesis. Facies and mineralogical varieties of the andesites are mainly analogous in lead isotopy so a contamination of rich in water rocks of the crust could not be a cause of appearance of the hornblende andesites.