Volcano Kikhpinych. Facts
Name: Kikhpinych
GVP Number: 300180
Synonims: None
Region: Kamchatka Peninsula
Volcanic Zone: Eastern Kamchatka
Coordinates: 54°29'20" N 160°15'5" E
Absolute Elevation: 1552 m
Status: Active
Aviation Color Code: GREEN
Location: Volcano is located in the Eastern volcanic area of Kamchatka, 25 km south from Kronotsky Lake, 190 km northeast from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Gyzernaya River have the sources at Kikhpinych spur.
Type: Stratovolcano
Composition: andesites, basalts, rhyodacites
Last known eruption: 1391±45

Kikhpinych massif consists of several volcanoes of different ages: Young Kikhpinych, Old Kikhpinych, Yellow. Young Kikhpinych is active; it consists of Zapadny and Savich cones with base diameters up to 1 km. At the top of the Savich Cone there is a crater 60-70 m in diameter and up to 30 m deep; there are fumaroles on its inner walls. To the east of the cone is the effusive dome Crab. The Savich volcano is surrounded by fresh lava flows.

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Potencial Hazard
Potential hazards are therminal explosive eruptions which produce ash plumes, ash falls, pyroclastic and lahars.
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