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Мелекесцев И.В. Действующие и потенциально активные вулканы Курило - Камчатской островной дуги в начале XXI в.: этапы исследований, определение термина "действующий вулкан", будущие извержения и вулканическая опасность // Вестник КРАУНЦ. Серия: Науки о Земле. 2006. Вып. 7. № 1. С. 15-35.
Three stages of study of active and potentially active volcanoes on Kamchatka and the Kurile Islands were distinguished: the anterior stage (1700-1935), the new stage (1935-1962) and the recent stage (from 1962 till present time).
This paper provides a new, for the first time scientifically based term of «active volcano». Updated catalogues display active and potentially active volcanoes of Kamchatka and the Kurile Islands. Here we propose a long-term forecast of behavior and parameters of impending eruptions and related volcanic hazards for the typical volcanoes of the 1st and the 2nd stages of evolution.
Мелекесцев И.В. Типы и возраст действующих вулканов Курило-Камчатской зоны // Бюллетень вулканологических станций. 1973. № 49. С. 17-23.
Новейший и современный вулканизм на территории России / Отв. ред. Лаверов Н.П. М.: Наука. 2005. 604 с.
The actual collective monograph presents the results of both theoretical and experimental studies of the multi-disciplinary problem on volcanic hazard assessment and development of techniques for prediction of catastophic eruptions. The volcanism of Kamchatka and other regions of Russia has been analyzed. On the basis of geological, volcanological and tephrachronological studies including radiocarbon dating, there have been defined certain groups of volcanoes on different stages of evolution. At the same time the problem of determination of the internal structure of volcanic dome using modem theoretical methods and technologies is well investigated. The new techniques of estimation of volcanic hazard were developed. Whenever ti is required, theoretical approaches are confirmed by results of in-field observations.

The book will satisfy the needs of Earth sciences specialists from a variety of backgrounds, volcanology, geo-mechanics, ecology, industrial constuction applications and hazard assessment.
Нуждаев А.А., Гирина О.А. Проект KVERT: пепловая опасность для авиации над Камчаткой и Северными Курилами в 2005-2008 гг. // Тезисы докладов V Сахалинской молодежной научной школы «Природные катастрофы: изучение, мониторинг, прогноз», 8-11 июня 2010 г., Южно-Сахалинск. Южно-Сахалинск: ИМГиГ ДВО РАН. 2010. С. 124-125.
Овсянников А.А., Муравьев Я.Д. Извержение вулкана Чикурачки в 1986 г. // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1992. № 5-6. С. 3-17.
Отчет ИВиС ДВО РАН о научно-исследовательской работе (заключительный). Современная активность вулканов Курило-Камчатской островной дуги и окружающая среда: комплексные исследования механизма извержений вулканов разного типа, особенностей эруптивной эволюции экструзивных куполов андезитовых вулканов, геохимии твердых, жидких и газообразных продуктов извержений, развития и протекания опасных процессов, сопровождающих вулканические явления, их взаимодействия с окружающей средой и климатом (2009-2011 гг.). 2013. 204 с.
Романова И.М., Гирина О.А. Информационные технологии для анализа данных о вулканах Камчатки и Курил // Вестник КРАУНЦ. Серия: Науки о Земле. 2018. Вып. 39. № 3. С. 42-53.
A large amount of unique scientific data has been collected in the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology FEB RAS (IVS FEB RAS) over the past years of investigations of the Kamchatka and the Kurile Island Arc volcanoes. The distributed storage of data makes it difficult to search data and to use them effectively in scientific research. Actual tasks are the integration of data into thematic information resources, organization of data access on the Internet, as well as the creation of tools for their comprehensive analysis. The paper describes VOKKIA and KVERT information web-systems developed in the IVS FEB RAS. VOKKIA is designed to integration and systematization of heterogeneous scientific data on the terrestrial volcanoes of Kamchatka, the Kurile Islands and submarine volcanoes on the surrounding seas including data on historical eruptions of active volcanoes. The KVERT system contains brief information about active volcanoes of Kamchatka and the Northern Kuriles including their hazard; provides collection and storage of operational data of visual, video, and satellite monitoring of volcanoes; automated preparation and sending KVERT releases on volcanic activity. Besides, the article describes the organization of data exchange between VOKKIA and KVERT and external information systems; describes graphical visualization services and statistical data analysis that helps to detect the relationship, patterns and trends in volcanic processes over time.
Рыбин А.В., Дегтерев А.В., Чибисова М.В., Гурьянов В.Б., Коротеев И.Г. Вулканическая активность на Курильских островах в 2012-2015 гг. // Вестник КРАУНЦ. Серия: Науки о Земле. 2016. Вып. 30. № 2. С. 77-87.
The paper presents data that describe the Kuril Island Arc volcanic activity over the 2012-2015 period collected using satellite monitoring and visual observations, as well as the results of field studies at the active volcanoes. The authors analyzed eruptions of Ivan Grozny, Kudryavy (Iturup Island), Snow (Chirpoi Island), Chirinkotan (Chirinkotan Island), Sinarka (Shiashkotan Island), Chikurachki (Paramushir Island), and Alaid (Atlasov Island) volcanoes.
Рыбин А.В., Чибисова М.В., Дегтерев А.В. Активность вулканов Курильских островов в 2016 г. // Вестник КРАУНЦ. Серия: Науки о Земле. 2017. Вып. 33. № 1. С. 83-88.
The paper presents data describing volcanic activity in the Kuril Islands in 2016. The eruptions of Alaid (Atlasova Island), Ebeko, Chikurachki ( Paramushir Island), Chirinkotan (Chirinkotan Island) and Snow (Chirpoi Island) volcanoes are considered.
Рыбин А.В., Чибисова М.В., Дегтерев А.В., Гурьянов В.Б. Вулканическая активность на Курильских островах в XXI веке // Вестник ДВО РАН. 2017. № 1. С. 51-61.
Data showing the activity of the volcanoes in the Kurilе Island Arc in the XXI century are given. The volcanic eruptions at the volcanoes Chikurachki, Chirinkotan, Ebeko, Sarychev Peak, Ekarma, Ivan Grozny, Alaid and Snow were considered. Increase of steam-gas activity was observed at the volcanoes Sinarka (Shiashkotan Isl.), Berg (Urup Isl.), Severgin Peak (Kharimkotan Isl.) and Kudryavy (Iturup Isl.). It is shown that the brief (from a few hours to several days) explosive eruptions of weak and moderate intensity (VEI = 0–3) prevailed. The most active were volcanoes Chikurachki (8 events) and Ebeko (4 events) (Paramushir Isl.). The strongest eruption during the reporting period was explosiveeffusive eruption of Sarychev Peak volcano in 2009; the longest were effusive eruptions of Snow Volcano (Chirpoi Isl.) in 2012–2016. The total volume of erupted material for the years 2000–2016 does not exceed 0.3–0.4 km3.