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Иванов Б.В. Петролого-геохимические особенности андезитов Карымского вулкана как индикаторы типов извержений // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1995. № 4-5. С. 85-94.
Иванов Б.В., Флеров Г.Б., Масуренков Ю.П., Кирьянов В.Ю., Мелекесцев И.В., Таран Ю.А., Овсянников А.А. Динамика и состав продуктов извержения Авачинского вулкана в 1991 г. // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1995. № 4-5. С. 5-27.
Карпов Г.А., Озеров А.Ю. Неистовый Безымянный снова активизировался // Дальневосточный ученый. 1995. № 22. С. 3
Кожемяка Н.Н. Долгоживущие вулканические центры Камчатки: типы построек, длительность формирования, объем вулканитов, продуктивность, баланс вещества, тектоническое положение // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1995. № 6. С. 3-19.
The following new quantitative indices have been obtained for the Kamchatkan volcanic centers with duration of development of 350-700 ... 1500-2500 thousand years; total volume of volcanics, average productivity, duration of formation, etc. Balance of substance has been calculated for the first lime: absolute volumes of basic, mean, and acid rocks and their ralios in percents of the whole mass of the eruption products. Calculative average indices have been obtained for the Kamchatkan long-lived centers both in separate volcanic zones and Kamchatka region as a whole. Principal volcanic and magmatic centers with maximum summary productivity have been revealed. The decisive role of basic magmas in volcanic process and structure formation is shown.
Мелекесцев И.В., Брайцева О.А., Пономарева В.В., Сулержицкий Л.Д. Катастрофические кальдерообразующие извержения вулкана Ксудач в голоцене // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1995. № 4-5. С. 28-53.
Four Plinian eruptions from Ksudach volcano ha' been reconstructed and dated by the 14C method. Three collapse calderas formed as a resu of these eruptions: KSi and caldera V 1700-1800 yrs ago; KS2 + KS3 and caldera IV 6000- 6100 yrs ago; KS4 and caldera III 8700-8800 yrs ago. KSi was the most voluminous eruptio with 18-19 km of pyroclastics and column height reaching 23 km. The volume of produci of KS2 + KS3 was 10-11 km3 and that of KS4, at least 1.5-1.7 km3. Sizes of calderas wer as follows: V - 4 X 6.5 km, IV - 5x5 km, III - presumably 2-3 km across. The juveni pyroclastics were supplied during eruptions rather rhythmically. Each rhythm began wil tephra ejection and completed with the formation of pyroclastic flows. The composition < products varied from andesited to rhyodacites: KS2 and KS4 - andesites dominated, KS3 - dacites and rhyodacites, and KSi - rhyodacites. It is possible that "the mechanism triggering onsets of all caldera-forming eruptions was the intrusion of very hot fresh magma of basi composition and its mixing with less hotter acid magma in the magma chamber existe previously. The eruptions, in accordance with their scales, may have had an impact on clima and ozone layer of the Earth. It is likely that the large acidity peaks in Greenland ice cor* result from these eruptions.
Мелекесцев И.В., Сулержицкий Л.Д., Базанова Л.И., Брайцева О.А. Катастрофические голоценовые лахары Авачинского и Корякского вулканов на Камчатке // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1995. № 4-5. С. 172-181.
For the first time, tracks from 5 catastrophic lahars associated with subsynchronously occurring rueptions of the Avachinsky (great explosions with a large volume ejections of juvenile pyroclastics) and Koryaksky (voluminous lateral lava effusions) volcanoes have been found, described and dated by the C-14 method. Their reconstruction has been conducted. The C-14 ages of lahars are from 3500 to 3200 yrs ago, the calendar ages are from 1900 to 1500 BP. These lahars were significantly greater in volume, degree of hazard, and intensity of impact on the natural environment than those triggered by historic (19th - 20th centuries) eruptions from the both volcanoes. In particular, they caused a considerable (1-3 km) SW migration of the Avacha river down-stream channel, the largest waterway in Southern Kamchatka.
Озеров А.Ю. Новое извержение Ключевского вулкана // Природа. 1995. № 3. С. 17-21.
Озеров А.Ю., Арискин A.A., Карпенко С.Ф., Ляликова А.В. Изотопно-геохимические признаки генетического родства базальтов Ключевского и андезитов вулкана Безымянный // XIV симпозиум по геохимии изотопов. 1995.
Озеров А.Ю., Карпов Г.А. Извержение Ключевского вулкана 8 сентября - 2 октября 1994 г. // Вестник ДВО РАН. 1995. № 2. С. 114-119.
Озеров А.Ю., Карпов Г.А., Осипенко А.Б. Динамика и состав продуктов пароксизмального извержения Ключевского вулкана в 1994 г. // "Магматизм и геодинамика". Материалы 1-го Всероссийского петрографического совещания. Уфа: 1995. Т. 2. С. 110-111.