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Козырев А.И. Результаты измерения плотности лав Ключевского вулкана // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1990. № 1. С. 65-75.
Козырев Н.А. Спектральные исследования вулканических явлений на Камчатке // Известия Главной Астрономической обсерватории в Пулкове. 1966. Т. XXIV. Вып. 4. № 180. С. 76-82.
Колосков А.В. Изотопно-геохимическая неоднородность плиоцен-четвертичных вулканитов Камчатки и проблема астеносферного диапиризма // Вестник КРАУНЦ. Серия: Науки о Земле. 2020. Вып. 47. № 3. С. 25-57. doi: 10.31431/1816-5524-2020-47-3-25-57.
Isotope-geochemical material for Pliocene-Quaternary volcanoes of the Kamchatka region is generalized on a cartographic basis. The Sr-isotope anomalies of moderate and elevated radiogenicity, geochemically confirmed, are spatially conjugated. This made it possible to interpret these anomalies not only as a reflection of mantle plume material in the composition of volcanic rocks, but also of its hybrid environment, as a consequence of plum-lithosphere remobilization. The presence of multi-directional geochemical trends made it possible to propose the concept of moving boundary values for the composition of indicator rocks of the intraplate type and adakites, which significantly expanded the possibilities of their diagnostics. The isotope-geochemical heterogeneity of basaltoids of the region is generally determined by the peculiarities of concentration of rocks with intraplate and adakite geochemical characteristics, which allows considering the asthenospheric diapirism as the main factor of petrogenesis of Pliocene-Quaternary volcanism in Kamchatka.
Конов А.С., Озеров А.Ю. Закономерности в динамике извержений Ключевского вулкана и сопровождающем их вулканическом дрожании // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1988. № 3. С. 21-38.
Королев С.П., Сорокин А.А., Гирина О.А. Применение видеокамер для мониторинга активности вулканов // Информационные технологии и высокопроизводительные вычисления: материалы VII Международной науч.- практ. конф., Хабаровск, 11-13 сентября 2023 г. Хабаровск: ХФИЦ ДВО РАН. 2023. С. 107-111.
Based on computer vision and machine learning methods, algorithms have been developed to classify images from fixed video cameras, as well as detect signs of volcanic activity in them. The results of testing the developed algorithms are presented using the example of observation data on the Klyuchevskoy and Sheveluch volcanoes. It is shown that the proposed solutions can be used for operational and retrospective monitoring of volcanic activity.
Кочегура В.В., Зубов А.Г., Брайцева О.А. Магнитостратиграфия голоценовых почвенно-пирокластических образований Камчатки // Вулканология и сейсмология. 1986. Вып. 1986. № 6. С. 3-17.
An account is given of magnetostratigraphic studies of Kamchatkan Holocene formations: the cover of soil and pyroclastics and the rocks of the cinder cones from the flank eruptions of Klyuchevskoi Volcano. А study was made of seven sections of the soil and pyroclastics and of samples from 17 cinder cones. А detailed account is given of the data processing procedure. Consideration is given to the reasons for the established incompleteness of the paleomagnetic record in the sections and it is demonstrated that adequately detailed reconstruction of the history of the geomagnetic 1ield is possible only provided that а study is made of а series of рагаllеl sections. The trajесtory of the geomagnetic field vector over the last 4000 years is determined on the basis of the material on radiocarbon datings. Seven cycles of paleosecular variations are distinguished in the age range investigated; each of these cycles has individual features by which they can be recognised and used for stratigraphic correlation. The, features taken were the direction of rotation of the vector, the shape and size of its loops, and the length of the cycles. Correlation of the sections based on paleomagnetic data was found to be in good agreement with the tephrostratigraphic correlation and enabled corrections to be made to the age of some horizons, including the archeological layers of the primitive settlement at Zhupanovo and the cinder cones. The metachronous magnetization present in some tephra layers was found to be an obstacle to any improvement in the accuracy and detail of magnetochronological reconstructions.
Краев Н.П. Мои вулканы. 2013. 66 с.
The memories about Kamchatkan volcanoes and volcanologists (1964-1989)
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