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Чурикова Т.Г., Гордейчик Б.Н., Иванов Б.В. Петрохимия пород вулкана Камень: сравнение с соседними вулканами Ключевской группы // Вулканология и сейсмология. 2012. № 3. С. 23-45.
The data on geology, petrography, mineralogy and petrochemistry for Kamen, Volcano in the central Kamchatka depression are presented. A study of the volcano's rocks and comparison with rocks of neighboring active volcanoes of the Klyuchevskoi group allow the establishment of some relationships. The rocks and minerals of Kamen, and Ploskie Sopki volcanoes show systematic differences in the chemistry of rocks and minerals such that they obviously could not be formed from the same primary melts. The rocks of dykes and Kamen' stratovolcano on one hand and the rocks of the Klyuchevskoi Volcano on the other hand form differently directed trends on petrochemical diagrams and differ in their compositions of rock-forming minerals, such they also could not originate from the same primary melts. The lavas of the monogenetic cones of Kamen' Volcano and moderately magnesian basalts of Klyuchevskoi Volcano are derivates of the same melts, i.e., the cones situated on the slopes of Kamen' are cones of Klyuchevskoi. The rocks of Kamen' and Bezymyannyi stratovolcanoes form a single narrow trend in all petrochemical diagrams in which the lavas of Bezymyannyi Volcano show a silica-rich branch, thus indicating a genetic relationship between these two volcanoes.
Чурикова Т.Г., Гордейчик Б.Н., Иванов Б.В., Максимов А.П. Петролого-геохимическое сравнение пород вулкана Камень и соседних вулканов Ключевской группы // Магматизм и метаморфизм в истории Земли. XI Всероссийское петрографическое совещание. Екатеринбург: Институт геологии и геохимии УрО РАН. 2010. Т. 2. С. 326-327.