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Variability of glaciers situated in volcanic regions of Kamchatka is considered. Glacier fluctuations, induced by climatic changes and volcanic activity are distinguished. Kozelsky Glacier advanced in 1971-1976. For five years it made a 330-meter advance and its area increased by 0.09 km . The advance was stimulated by favourable climatic conditions: big snowness of winters and cold summer ablation seasons. The Bil'chenok Glacier advanced in 1976-1977 after a 17-year quiescence period. The glacier terminus descended down to 1100 m a.s.l. and made a 500-m advance. The impact of present-day volcanism on glacier fluctuations was revealed: 1) glacier surges resulting from considerable water film at the glacier-bed boundary, accumulation of
additional volumes of eruptive material on its surface and also due to the growth of seismic activity; 2) shrinkage of the area and volume of glaciers -because of ice melting and washout of their parts by melt waters under thermal influence of erupting volcano and, in particular, in case of subglacial eruptions and ice contacts with lava flows; 3) destruction of ice and glaciers by catastrophic explosive eruptions and also in case of partial subsidence and stopong of volcanoes. Some examples of the impacts of volcanic eruptions on glaciers are given.
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Виноградов В.Н., Муравьев Я.Д. Режим ледников вулканических районов Камчатки / Гляциологические исследования: [Сб. ст.] № 27: Взаимодействие вулканизма с оледенением. М.: Изд-во Академии наук СССР. 1985. С. 36-50.
Glacial balance observations and the information of meteorological network were used to reconstruct a long-term mass balance of Kozelsky and Grechishkin glaciers (Avachinsky volcanic group and mountains Ostraya and Khuvkhoytun). The mean annual balance of both glaciers is negative and equals 30 and 38 g/cra , respectively, for the last 40 years. From the beginning of the sixties favourable climatic conditions for glacial development of Kamchatka were observed, which caused the transgression of Kozelsky glacier in 1972-76 and the deceleration of degradation rate of Grechishkin glacier.
Besides that the regime of the crater glaciers of Mutnovsky volcano was examined (analysed). The accumulation of solid precipitation reaches here 3000 mm per year. The measured mass balance of North-eastern and Southwestern glaciers in 1980 were 29 and 23 g/cm2 respectively. Presently, this volcano is active and has a positively influence on the crater glacier regime. The area of crater glaciation has increased by 0.4 km2 or 17% since the major eruption in 1945.
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